Collaborating with brands in the digital space since 2012.


For over six years I've worked with top performing brands in the digital space such as Samsung, Paramount Pictures, and Alaska Airlines. I have been responsible for the creative direction, shooting, copywriting, and post production of campaigns with both stills and video content. I am an experienced social influencer that has successfully executed marketing campaigns with brands and talent. I continually embrace my entrepreneurial spirit. From co-owning and operating a production company to helping secure over $100,000 of funding for the documentary film, Feeding Tomorrow.



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Digital Metrics

Sources reflect work produced across my social platforms


100+ Million YouTube Views

2.2 million weekly Instagram Impressions

1.4 Million Collective Online Following

120+ Digital Branded Partnerships

Software Skills

Adobe Creative Suite: Premiere Pro, Lightroom, Photoshop, Audition.


Organizations I've worked with


iPhone Time-lapse Project


Los Angeles LGBT Center

Community Driven


Social media provides an outlet to share my perspective and connect with people from around the world. For over a decade, I’ve worked on developing parasocial relationships, giving others a sense of belongingness, including myself. As I continue that aspiration, my focus remains on promoting a progressive and colorful space for the communities I help to develop thrive.